Article title:   Articles v0.25 release
First posted:   Fri 10 Jun 2005
Description:   Information for release version 0.25 of Articles.
Article text:
Version 0.25 is mainly a minor bug fix/tweak, with one new feature.

Articles v0.25:

! Changed typo of FSK Editor to FCK Editor in options.
+ Added option to display article title in page title.
o Increased width of validate & edit article preview pop-up window, and added code to allow scrollbars.
! Fixed link in admin notification of new user article message pointing to wrong place, and re-worded text.
! Changed art_article_text field type from TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT for the main text display. The TEXT type is the most commonly used, but is limited to 64Kb and it seems some people have experienced larger articles being truncated when submitted. MEDIUMTEXT allows up to something like 16Mb, so is more than enough.

Please see the "UPDATE.txt" file in the archive for update notes.

This version can be downloaded from the Articles download area.
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