Article title:   Articles v1.0 final release
First posted:   Tue 15 Nov 2005
Description:   Information for release version 1.0 final of Articles.
Article text:
Articles has now finally shed its "beta" status with this release. It also has a couple of small changes, and a bug fix from the previous public release.

Changes since last public release (v0.27):

  • Pagination links are now hidden if the number of articles is less than the limit for each page.

  • Fixed broken e-mail to friend feature.

  • Added the ability to change the paths to each of the WYSIWYG editors, in the preferences.

  • Changed index view type descriptions, it seemed its purposed was "missed" by some people.

Articles is now more or less frozen, the only changes will now only be bug fixes and minor features, etc. This is to allow work to Articles v2 to begin, which will have more features and will be written specifically for XOOPS 2.2.x.

Articles v1.0 has been tried on XOOPS v2.2.3, and appears to be fully functional, even though it wasn't written with 2.2.x in mind.

Articles can be downloaded from here
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