Articles, XOOPS 2 article manager v0.23 released.

Date 2005/4/18 23:23:06 | Topic: Modules

Articles, XOOPS v2 article management module.
Version 0.23a

Please note: please see docs/UPDATE.txt if you are updating from a previous version.

Changes since last public release (v0.22):

+ Added "posted by" caption, and on/off preference.
+ Added preference for administrator to not increment articles read value when
viewing articles.
+ Added message to add articles, which will report if there are no categories
and present a link to add one.
o Cleaned up old and test code in preparation for pre-release 1.
+ Added "[pagebreak]" info caption to article form in admin.
+ Added option to disable the printable version page.
o Changed table cell width properties for article listing in the index, to make
sure they all line up, no matter how long the article title is.

Please see the info page for this release, for more information and notes on this release.

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