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Questions related to web hosting and services.
14 Do your accounts come with SSH/Shell access? PHP software update Questions regarding the forthcoming server software updates.
8 Help! Will you support me after this update?

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Requested and Answered by AndyM on 17-Apr-2005 17:28 (1990 reads)
Log in to your control panel and follow the "mysql databases" link, here you can do basic administration such as creating/deleting databases and users.

You can do advanced database administration by opening "phpMyAdmin" via the link near the bottom of the page. ]
Requested and Answered by AndyM on 17-Apr-2005 17:42 (2405 reads)
Use the URL below as an example, but change "" for your own domain name: (Please note the letter "s" after "http").

Or, if it's easier for you to remember:

If you get a message about a certificate, you can safely ignore this and continue. You will then be asked for your login details, please enter these exactly as they were given to you when you joined.

You will find a link to CPanel's documentation on the lower left, or you can visit for documentation and other cpanel support solutions. ]
Requested and Answered by AndyM on 17-Apr-2005 18:27 (2190 reads)
Our domain name servers are:
Secondary ]
Requested and Answered by AndyM on 03-Jun-2005 16:17 (2171 reads)

Running IRC bots and other IRC related tools presents too much of a security risk from people trying to hack/crack the bot itself, the account it's on and other "Denial Of Service" attacks, such as ping flooding.

IRC traffic is also forbidden by our network providers.

As a result, this service will not be offered from our hosting servers. ]
Requested and Answered by AndyM on 22-Mar-2007 23:25 (1397 reads)
Yes - all sites are backed up to a second hard drive on the server on a daily basis. A separate off-site back up of MySQL databases is carried out each night.

However, while do take these precautions, it's not infallible and not guaranteed, so you should always keep your own set of back ups. ]
Requested and Answered by AndyM on 22-Mar-2007 23:30 (2483 reads)
No, this is purely for security reason.

If you really need something done that requires the use of SSH, please contact admin and we'll do it for you.



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