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Questions regarding the forthcoming server software updates.
8 Help! Will you support me after this update?

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Requested and Answered by AndyM on 16-Aug-2007 20:28 (1466 reads)
The server side scripting language, PHP. It is a major update from version 4, to the latest available version of PHP 5.

Requested and Answered by AndyM on 16-Aug-2007 20:32 (1375 reads)
The PHP Group is dropping support for php version 4 at the end of this coming year - the 31st December 2007, for all but critical security fixes. Then all support will be dropped in August of 2008.

There is also a movement afoot on the Internet by PHP application providers to drop support for version 4 in early 2008. This means that any forums, CMS, galleries, etc. that you use, may not be able to be upgraded.

Requested and Answered by AndyM on 16-Aug-2007 20:35 (1554 reads)
The update is scheduled for the 1st of October 2007. If you are a user, you should already have received notice of this update, and hence will also receive further notices of change to this schedule. If you have not, please contact us.

Requested and Answered by AndyM on 16-Aug-2007 20:37 (1560 reads)
In theory, there should be little or no downtime. However, there are no definites when it comes to such an upgrade.

Requested and Answered by AndyM on 16-Aug-2007 20:38 (1505 reads)
It will only affect the serving of web pages. All other services should remain unaffected.

Requested and Answered by AndyM on 16-Aug-2007 20:47 (1327 reads)
For a start, The PHP Group will support, update and continue to improve PHP version 5 for time to come.

Secondly, PHP v5 is better optimised and often faster than v4. Version 5 also contains more functions and other features not present in v4.

Requested and Answered by AndyM on 16-Aug-2007 20:56 (1439 reads)
While The PHP Group have tried their best to maximise backwards compatibility with version 4, there is a chance that some applications will have problems with PHP v5.

This is the reason for this advance notice, which is to give users approximately 6 (six) weeks to ensure the PHP software they are using will work satisfactorily under PHP v5. users can ask for the temporary use of an account on another server with PHP 5 to test their site software. If you would like this test account, please get in touch.

Requested and Answered by AndyM on 16-Aug-2007 21:07 (2480 reads)
Yes, will help you through the migration to PHP5 and will help you with any problems you may encounter. There will be NO extra charge for this support.



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