What is a language pack, and how do I install it?

Requested and Answered by AndyM on 17-Apr-2005 17:58

What is a language pack, and how do I install it?

A "language pack" is a set of files with language translations for various labels used in a module. A module will automatically use the language selected in XOOPS' preferences, as long as the language pack is available - otherwise it wioll default to English, which is supplied as default with each module.

When you have extracted the the archive using Winzip (for example), you will have a folder named after the language you want to install, e.g. "spanish", "french" and so on. Upload this folder (and its files) to your web site, into the folder named "language" for the module:


If you are uploading the Spanish language, and XOOPS is already set to use Spanish, the module will automatically use it as soon as it has been uploaded.

Please note: don't change the name of the folder, this includes its case - "spanish" and "Spanish" are not the same!

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