Article title:   AM Events v0.21 release
First posted:   Fri 10 Mar 2006
Description:   Information for release version 0.21 of AM Events
Article text:
This release of AM Events sees many changes and improvements.

Please note: If you are upgrading from a previous version, you must run the included upgrade script - see docs/UPDATE.txt in the archive for more details.

Changes since the last public release, v0.19:

AM Events v0.21:

! Events would originally have expired at the start of the day at which the event ended, this has now been changed so it should end at end of the day.
+ User's posts will now show up in their profile.
+ Author can now be changed. Either when posted by admin, or when edited.
o Changed some XOOPS depreciated functions.
+ Added date ends column in event list admin, and to validate list.
! "Ended" status/link in admin events listing now goes by date/time end and not Start.
o If event only on one day, the end date will now be set to the "start" date, and time set to 23:59:59, so it will time out at the end of day. This is to help with expiring events at a more appropriate time.
+ Now supports WYSIWYG editors.
o Changed event_description type to MEDIUMTEXT to prevent problems with event text being truncated.
+ User submit function can now be disabled (submit links in menu and blocks will be hidden when disabled).
+ Events can now be auto approved (added without admin having to check).
+ Events that have expired can now be left on view.
! Changed expire SQL code in block.
+ There is now a separate admin notification for auto approved events.
+ New notification of events for users.
o Added a "no events to display" message to main listing page.

AM Events v0.20:

+ Changed index/print links at foot of item to icon images.
+ Added added edit and delete links and icons to event page.
o Event name now displays in header bar on item page.
+ Can now display event name in browser title.
+ Added "posted by" and username (item page).
o Tidied language constants to help prevent clashes, and make translating easier.
+ Added missing URL field to print.php
+ Added language constants to print.php
+ Made printable version optional from prefs.
+ Changed user submit form to XOOPs form lib with its pop-up calendar.
o Changed user submit confirm message.
o Changed over to XOOPS own built in date format function (this removes the function name clash with wf-sections).
o changed from "shorthand" php echo () to prevent problems on servers where this is not allowed.
! Fixed cancel delete bug in eventadmin.php - pressing cancel would report event being deleted.
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