Article title:   AM Reviews - XOOPS2 review management module
First posted:   Sat 03 Feb 2007
Description:   AM Reviews, a review management module written for the XOOPS v2 Content Management System.
Article text:
What is AM Reviews?
AM Reviews is a module (some would call it a plugin) for the XOOPS content management system (CMS). It was written so that products, services or anything else that you can think of can be reviewed and rated by site webmasters and staff, as well as site visitors.

There is a lack of choice of review modules for XOOPS, with, I believe, only one module that appears is no longer in active development.

The feature list is constantly changing, so this is by no means a full list.
  • sub-categories
  • group permissions on categories
  • e-mail to friend
  • print version
  • pdf version
  • css based rate images
  • supports lightbox for highlight images (this can also be used for images in the review by adding a small bit of code to the image link).
  • Configurable page title for SEO
  • Configurable meta tags for SEO
  • Multiple pages

Where can I get it?
AM Reviews is not available for general download yet. However, preview "alpha" versions are available from here. Please remember that "alpha" versions are not intended for live/production sites and only for preview/testing.

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