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Articles - XOOPS v2 module
  Posted on Wed 12 Nov 2003 by AndyM (63897 reads)
What is Articles?
Articles is a document/article publishing module, written for XOOPS v2 CMS.

The default article module for XOOPS is ?sections?, which is very basic and really leaves a lot to be desired. At the time I started work on Articles, there were few alternatives, and at the time, nothing that really suited my needs.

The list of features for Articles is growing all the time. Its current features include:

  • Supports XOOPS/Smarty templates.
  • Index can display categories and articles, or just categories.
  • Uses XOOPS? built in search function.
  • Uses XOOPS? comments.
  • Visitors can submit articles (which have to be validated by an admin before it is published).
  • Individual articles can be hidden from view.
  • Individual categories (and their associated articles) can be hidden from view.
  • Printable version page.
  • E-mail to friend feature part of module, no configured e-mail client required for a ?mailto? link.
  • New article and new category notifications.
  • User submitted article notification for admins.
  • Easy to navigate and use admin area.
  • Supports SPAW, FCK Editor and HTML Area third party WYSIWYG text editors.
  • Comprehensive set of configuration options.

Where can I get it?
The latest version Articles can be downloaded from its download area.

Where can I see it in action?
This very page is shown using Articles. You can also see Articles at work on the following sites:

Please get in touch if your XOOPS site uses Articles and if you would like it featured here.
(Please note that the above sites may not be using the latest version!)

Where can I get support?
The first place is our forums and the FAQs area - please read first to see if your question has already been answered! These are only for my modules, if you have a generic XOOPS question, please use the various support areas on the official XOOPS site at

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