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Using WYSIWYG editors
  Posted on Wed 20 Apr 2005 by AndyM (11538 reads)
Please note: These instructions are currently only valid for version 2.0.* of XOOPS, and not 2.2.*.

As of Articles v0.22, WYSIWYG editors such as SPAW, fck editor and html area can be used in favour of the standard XOOPS text editor. This can be an advantage if you, or any of your admins, do not know how to use HTML.

These editors are not distributed with XOOPS as standard, so will have to be download from the WYSIWYG editors for XOOPS project page. At the time of writing this, Articles supports SPAW, FCK Editor and HTML Area.

Once you have downloaded and extracted the archives of the editors you want to use, upload the relevant directories ("spaw", "htmlarea" and "fckeditor"), upload them to your web site in the "class" directory in the root of your XOOPS installation - this is the default installation place for them, and will also allow other modules to use these editors, if supported.

You then need to tell Articles to use the editor you want in its preferences page. The "Admin editor" changes the editor used in articles' admin area and "User editor" will change the editor for the user's submit page.

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