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Using spell checkers with Articles
  Posted on Sun 24 Apr 2005 by AndyM (5335 reads)
Update: Unfortunately, it seems that Spellbound for Firefox does not support FF version 1.5 and above. If you know of a suitable replacement, please let me know!

Web forms are used a lot these days - perhaps you have a web mail account with someone like Hotmail, or a dynamic web site where you enter text for an article via a web form.

The problem is that browsers don't have spell checking built in and spelling errors can , which can be difficult to find in large documents. One way around this is to write the document in something like Microsoft Word or similar and then copy and paste the text into the form. This is not always an option, so what do you do?

Well, both Internet Explorer and Firefox have "plugins" that will allow you to spell check text in forms, negating the use of another editor.

Mozilla Firefox
Firefox spell check The spell check plugin for Firefox is called "Spellbound", which supports several languages. To use, simply click in the form you wish to check, right click and select "Check spelling" - see image to the right (click it for a larger version).

Spellbound can be obtained from - instructions on how to install the plugin and dictionaries for it are on the site (I could detail it, but why re-invent the wheel?)

dialogue boxYou will be presented with a dialogue box, which works in the same way as any other spell check function, so it should be easy enough to use.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has ieSpell, available at Unlike Spellbound, ieSpell is only free for personal use, commercial users will need to buy a license (details are on the web site).

ieSpellieSpell can also be invoked by right clicking in the text field you wish to check, to bring up the context menu shown in the image on the right. You can also select "Check spelling" from the "Tools" menu.

ieSpellieSpell has a dialogue box similar to Spellbound's, but it will only open if it finds a word it's unsure of, otherwise, it just shows a message that spell checking has been completed.

Now, I just hope there are no glaring spelling mistakes in this article

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