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Ideas for improvements and an error
Just popping in
2005/6/26 10:10
From Nottingham, UK
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Thank you for an excellent article module to start.
1st a question, do you fully understand PHP as from using your articles module; I have a number of requested to continue making it the best articles module available for Xoops? (I do feel it already is!!)

1). My site is ranked very high in Google and after adding your module only last week, many of the articles are already ranked 1st, thank you as you page titling enables good ranking.
Yet when they show up on Google, they do not show what they are about; would it be possible to make it that the headline of the article becomes the Meta data, so that people can see what the article is about? Or is it that as the Meta data of my site is ranked high and this has caused it to rank 1st already? Even still it is good that it has ranked 1st already, yet it really does need a description, so that people can read what it is about on Google. So if you could make a modification so that the headline shows in the data on Google this would be excellent!!

2). I recently added the new news 1.3 and it has the ability to turn the news in to a PDF using FPDF. Could you please add this to the articles module and would it be that difficult? As this would make it one of the best articles modules, as then people could read the articles in there own time and save a copy to their computer, which then would distribute the information to people more.

3). I don?t know if it is just me and my server, yet the email service doesn?t function correctly. You can fill everything in alright yet it doesn?t send out the email. Have I missed something or is there an error some where?

4). Many people are blind and have bad eye site, especially when it come to reading computer screens. Many of the older members of my family say they would love to read some of the things on my site, yet they find it hard to look at a computer screen for long, especially find it difficult when the text is small. So would it be possible to make it that the text used for the article is adjustable, by the text sizing facility. As then it would make it that people who do have bad eye site, and use the text on largest could read the article easily.

This is about it for now, as I find more things I will add them if it is ok, as presumably you would like to continue, to make this the best Xoops article system.
Thanks again for a cool easy to use article system.

Peace N love B with U

Posted on: 2005/6/26 10:19
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Re: Ideas for improvements and an error
2003/11/7 20:56
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Thank you for an excellent article module to start.


In reply to your comments:

1) Meta data: This has been discussed in another thread (along with the title, which led to it being added), it is something that will be added in a future version.

2) PDF version: This is on the list of things to add. It seems quite involved, so may take a while to be added.

3) E-mail problems: Articles uses XOOPS' own internal e-mailer, so "in theory", as long as that works OK, the the Articles e-mail to friend function should also work.

You could turn on the "PHP debug" (system -> preferences -> General Settings -> "Debug mode") and try the e-mail feature to see if it shows any errors.

4) Text size: Text size isn't fixed in Articles itself, it is a result of the use of a fixed font size in the theme CSS file. I can, however, perhaps add a "large text" version that would pop up a page similar to the "print version".

Thanks for your feedback

Posted on: 2005/6/26 14:22
Andy Mills
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