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Please be aware this support area is no longer used for supporting users. It is here for reference only, and for XOOPS CMS related info. If you are a Sirium user looking for support, please use the account/billing system (which has a knowledgebase and ticketing system) linked to in your welcome e-mail.

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Modules : Articles support e-mail address
Posted by AndyM on 2004/7/1 16:31:59 (3119 reads)

The e-mail address used in the current and previous documentation included with the Articles module no longers works due to domain name issues.

If you do need to contact me via e-mail, please e-mail me at - future releases will have the new e-mail address.

If you have contacted me about Articles within the last couple of months and have not received a reply, please feel free to e-mail me again.

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Modules : Spanish language pack for Articles v0.12 available
Posted by AndyM on 2004/5/22 14:02:46 (2772 reads)

A Spanish language pack for Articles v0.12 is now available for download.

It can be downloaded from here

With thanks to A. Javier Barrag?n for submitting this.

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Modules : E-mail bug in Articles 0.12
Posted by AndyM on 2004/4/29 20:29:28 (2726 reads)

A bug has been found in Articles v0.12 that prevents the e-mail to friend feature from working.

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Modules : Articles Xoops article manager v0.12 released.
Posted by AndyM on 2004/4/19 17:39:16 (2766 reads)

Version 0.12 of Articles, the Xoops v2 article manager has been released. More details can be read here and downloaded fromhere.

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Modules : Suport in Brazil for Articles (translations)
Posted by gibaphp on 2004/2/19 14:15:52 (2884 reads)

With much affection and attention that we inform this community that we of xoopers will be giving official support in the translations of its modules. We will be translating pra the Portuguese of Brazil.
The House of Xoops in Brazil.

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