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Please be aware this support area is no longer used for supporting users. It is here for reference only, and for XOOPS CMS related info. If you are a Sirium user looking for support, please use the account/billing system (which has a knowledgebase and ticketing system) linked to in your welcome e-mail.

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Modules : Articles, XOOPS 2 article manager v0.22 released.
Posted by AndyM on 2005/4/16 19:38:44 (3273 reads)

Articles, XOOPS v2 article management module.
Version 0.22

Please note: this release requires a database update, please see the docs/UPDATE.txt file in the archive for more info.

Changes since last public release (v0.18a):
o Site visitors can now submit articles
o Support has been added for SPAW, FSK Editor and HTML Area WYSIWYG editors.
o The admin area has had a major facelift
o Many other enhancements and changes

Please see the info page for this release, for more information and notes on this release.

Read More... | 2 comments : Viruses...
Posted by AndyM on 2005/3/23 16:08:37 (3692 reads)

I am currently receiving shedloads of the "Lovgate.X" e-mail worm/virus to my sirium address. It is likely that worm gets this address from visitors of this site (and the main sirium site), so I ask that if you have not done so already, please update your anti virus definitions and run a full system scan.

Anti virus software for windows users is an absolute must these days, so if you don't have anything installed to protect your PC, I can almost guarantee that it will be infected. If you are unsure as to which software to use, then the following site may help you:

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Modules : AM Events v0.19b released.
Posted by AndyM on 2005/3/6 0:05:37 (3319 reads)

Version 0.19b of AM Events has been released.

AM Events can be downloaded from here

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Modules : AM Events v0.18a released.
Posted by AndyM on 2005/1/28 22:45:10 (3130 reads)

Version 0.18a of AM Events has been released. This release has several new features and some bug fixes.

AM Events can be downloaded from here

Read More... | 1 comment : Support site back
Posted by AndyM on 2005/1/8 1:49:12 (3112 reads)

As you can see, the support site is almost back, with the new design as well.

The main thing is to restore all of the downloads - I have all the files, but I need to find them and re-upload when I have chance.

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